for financial advisers only

Managing your investments online

Skandia’s client extranet

As a Skandia customer you can carry out a number of portfolio monitoring and management activities online. You can access all kinds of information, at your convenience, without needing to spend time and money making phone calls.

By registering for the Skandia Client Extranet, you can:

  • Reduce paper and access documents online*
  • See up-to-date valuations of every fund and the total value of your portfolio
  • Switch your fund choice, free of any administration charge
  • Monitor fund prices and performance updates
  • View the details of your policy at a glance, such as the amount paid in and withdrawals taken**

* for Skandia Investment Solutions accounts only.
** for Skandia Life policies only.

Registering to use the extranet

The sooner you register for the extranet, the sooner you can access your portfolio online. It’s easy to register. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Select customer login in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Under ‘New users’ click ‘Register’, then follow the on-screen instructions carefully.

Resetting passwords 

Once you are registered, if you forget your password you can call our Customer Contact Centre on 0808 171 2600 for SkandiaView and Client Extranet services and 0808 171 2626 for Skandia Investment Solutions services. You will be asked to confirm the security details you entered during the registration process.