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Skandia’s approach to investing

Investing on our platform – Skandia Investment Solutions

Skandia Investment Solutions is an innovative place for you to build, manage and monitor your medium- to long-term investments. It gives you access to a wide choice of funds and a range of tax-efficient ways to hold them in a single place – known as an investment platform.

What is an investment platform?

The word ‘platform’ is used to describe a place where a variety of different investment related processes and activities can be conveniently carried out. 

Just as mobile technology is changing the way we interact with the world, Skandia Investment Solutions provides a fresh approach to handling your investments. See how it works with this two minute video.


A better way to plan your financial future

Our platform offers a fresh approach to financial services. Rather than simply offering separate products, such as pensions, ISAs, and life assurance, the Skandia Investment Solutions platform brings personal investing right up-to-date. It gives you and your adviser a single, transparent overview of your financial position. This makes it much easier for you to make well-informed investment decisions and plan your financial future.

So what are the benefits of using an investment platform?