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About Skandia

When it comes to investing, you need to have confidence in the company you’re dealing with. With Skandia, you can.

Skandia is part of Old Mutual Wealth, an integrated wealth solutions and asset management provider, managing £80.2 billion of investors’ money (as at 31 March 2014). Old Mutual Wealth, comprises Skandia* and Old Mutual Global Investors, providing wealth management solutions, such as investments, pensions and life assurance, to help financial advisers manage their clients’ wealth.

Old Mutual Wealth is a core part of Old Mutual plc, a leading international long-term savings, investment and protection Group. Based in London, it is trusted by more than 14 million customers across the world. For over 167 years, it has been serving the growing insurance and investment needs of local customers, companies and their advisers. Old Mutual’s vision is to become its customers’ most trusted partner, being passionate about helping them achieve their lifetime financial goals. At 31 March 2014, the Old Mutual Group held £297.1 billion of client assets under management.

*On 21 March 2012 Old Mutual plc sold the Skandia businesses in Sweden, Norway and Denmark to Skandia Liv. All Skandia businesses and their customers outside of Sweden, Norway and Denmark are unaffected by this transaction. These businesses continue to be owned by Old Mutual and operate under the Skandia brand.

Financial planning starts here

Sound investing isn’t about hopes or hunches. It’s about making the right plans, right now.

You can’t control the markets any more than you can control the weather, but you can have a plan. Skandia gives you and your financial adviser the facilities to plan and build an investmentInvestment An asset acquired for the purpose of producing income and/or capital gains for its owner. portfolio that’s right for you.

By delivering an unrivalled combination of tools, skills, background and flexibility of products, we’ll work with your financial adviserFinancial adviser Individual who gives advice about all aspects of finance. Financial advisers can advise and sell products for a range of insurance companies and investment companies. to help you make solid financial plans for your future.

In the 30 years since we first launched in the UK, we’ve given people the kind of investment opportunities that were previously only available to the very wealthy. A lot has happened during those 30 years. The market has changed and so have our customers. Fortunately, we’ve always been one step ahead with new investment ideas and innovations.

Our innovation sets us apart

The world of investing is constantly evolving, so we don’t believe in standing still. We want to help drive the industry forward to offer new and better investing opportunities. That’s why we’re proud to have a number of ‘firsts’ to our name, from pioneering multi-managerMulti-managerMulti-manager is a means of investing where you can access a wide range of different fund managers through a single investment product. investing to launching the UK’s first fund supermarketFund supermarket A fund supermarket gives you access to a variety of products and allows you to choose from hundreds of funds in one place., also known as a platform.

Thirty years on, we’re proud to be a UK leader in long-term investing – not only because it affords our staff the recognition they deserve, but because it gives our customers the reassurance they need to plan for the future ahead.